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Presentation for understanding Industry 4.0 functionalities: Best Paper Award for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

⁠Another prize for the c-factory! Ms. Sabina Roman and Prof. Dr. Bunsen were awarded the "Best Paper Award". In each of the seven conference modules one award was presented. All papers will be published online in the renowned IOP Conference Series publication "Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)". The paper presented by Ms. Roman used the production of the c-factory truck to illustrate how Industry 4.0 functionalities can be used and made understandable. The 5th International Conference Computing and Solutionas in Manufacturing Engineerng (CoSME) of our partner university Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania dealt with modern technologies in manufacturing. 72 papers were presented, the speakers were representatives of universities from Romania, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, China, Slovakia, Poland, Iraq, Taiwan and many more.

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vdma_maschinenhaus.pngPhoto: goenzcom berlin, Konstantin Gastmann

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the "Best Machine House 2019"

Our faculty won the "Best Machine House 2019" with the c-factory! The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) awarded its fourth university price. This year's motto was "Innovation in teaching for industry 4.0". We took part with a project and practice-oriented concept, which was presented within the framework of the "c-factory" where all steps of a networked production are demonstrated in a practical and vivid way.
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robotina.pngPhoto: FHWS, Roman

Autonomous mobile robot systems in the c-factory

The Robotino from FESTO Didactic is an autonomous, mobile robot system. The Robotino has a so-called omnidirectional drive, which allows it to move around freely. At c-factory, the Robotino is used to transport the components of the truck. After production, the individual parts are picked up from the machines and taken to the warehouse. This video shows how a finished chassis is picked up from the milling machine.

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testumgebung.pngPhoto: Stefan Bausewein

FHWS successfully qualified as industry 4.0 test environment

In the course of the funding measure "Industry 4.0 test environments - Mobilisation of SMEs for Industry 4.0" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt with its research facilities is the regional contact. The professors Dr. Jan Schmitt (I4.0 professorship, development and application environments I4.0), Dr. Bastian Engelmann (Starterkits I4.0, Industrial IoT and Manufacturing Automation) and Dr. Christoph Bunsen (c-factory, networked production) support small and medium-sized enterprises in developing ideas and project designs under real conditions.

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weasel.pngPhoto: FHWS, Roman

Driverless transport systems in the c-factory

Driverless transport systems, such as the FTS WEASEL from SSI SCHAEFER, enable the safe transport of containers, boxes or hanging goods. Depending on the application, the loading can be automatically or manually. The WEASEL moves automatically and safely between the stations. The c-factory has also put a WEASEL into operation. To showcase the safety aspect the following video was recorded.

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ufra.jpgPhoto: FHWS, Roman

The c-factory at UFRA

The Unterfrankenschau, or UFRA for short, is a consumer fair that takes place every two years. The FHWS is not only represented on the big media stage, but the opportunity is taken to present the latest projects to the audience. This time the c-factory also presented the new, automatic storage system. Due to different production times for the vehicle parts (injection-moulded cabin, 3D-printed loading area, milled chassi), the storage system must be secured that nothing is lost. Therefore, both vehicle parts and undelivered vehicles should be stored temporarily. The handling of storage and retrieval a small robot takes over.

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